Empowerment of self

L i f e   is sometimes compared to a labyrinth, a model of existence, which passes through different pathways in order to make the journey towards its own centre, towards self. The labyrinth is considered a universal archetype, a symbol of our internal world, of the enormous possibilities of our mind. It is not a direct journey to its centre but a process of discovery in search of greater awareness and emotional well being, a personal journey of growth. 

M i t o s  means thread and plays a vital role in a Greek myth. Prince Theseus enters the Labyrinth holding Ariadne’s thread-mitos, the key tool for finding his way out of the unknown territory. 
More about the myth 

Symbolically Mitos represents the safe tool that guides and supports everyone to fulfil their personal and professional goals, finding successfully new ways to achieve them. 

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